Consolidated Business Systems Limited (CBS) stands as a beacon of distinction in theagricultural export industry in Sri Lanka, boasting a rich legacy that spans over 45 years. Fromaromatic premium Ceylon tea to rich coconut milk products, as well as fruits, vegetables, andother dry & frozen foods, our offerings encompass a symphony of flavours and textures that captivate the senses. We proudly export Sri Lankan delights to over 55 destinations, sharing the essence of our nation’s agricultural treasures on a global scale.

Established in 1979, CBS embarked on its journey by nurturing and exporting fresh fruits and vegetables, a humble beginning that laid the groundwork for our expansive vision. Over the years, we have diversified our portfolio into various product lines, particularly in tea and coconut-based products, elevating our offerings to new heights. With operations across three factories located in Boralesgamuwa, Kaduwela, and Kuliyapitiya in Sri Lanka, our operations resonate with the harmonious synergy of innovation and tradition.

Alongside our dedicated workforce, CBS upholds the highest international labour and social standards, guided by experienced management and a visionary Board of Directors. Our pursuit of excellence is affirmed by prestigious national and international awards, including multiple Presidential Export Awards and honours for our Founder/Managing Director, Mr. Shanthi Wijesinghe.

With growing demand, CBS has expanded its horizons by introducing new products under the brands Sun Island and Rish, while also offering private labelling services. This marks a pivotal milestone for our expansion into the coconut milk, oil, and coconut cream sectors. These ventures have significantly contributed to our company’s success story, further strengthening our relationship with stakeholders.

In line with our commitment to excellence, our Quality Policy exemplifies how “We strive to expand our business through exceeding customer expectations by improving the quality of our products with a view to continual improvement of our ‘Food Safety and Quality Management System.”

Furthermore, by following our rigorous Food Safety Policies and constantly improving our ‘Food Safety and Quality Management System’, we reinforce our dedication to exceeding customer expectations by ensuring the safety of our food products. We remain committed to supplying safe food products by preventing, eliminating, or reducing to an acceptable level, the risk of all physical, biological, and chemical food safety hazards through the continual improvement of our ‘Food Safety and Quality Management System.”

In our 45-year journey, Consolidated Business Systems Limited (CBS) has emerged as a beacon of excellence in Sri Lanka’s agricultural export sector. With a rich tapestry of premium products and a commitment to quality ingrained in every facet of our operations, we continue to carve a path of distinction across global markets. At CBS, our legacy of integrity, innovation, and societal impact propels us forward, as we strive to not only excel commercially but also uplift communities and redefine the standards of excellence in our industry.

Vision Statement

“To be a major contributor to the Sri Lankan agricultural sector.”

Mission Statement

“To contribute to the development of our farming community by creating a market-place for their produce; introducing modern techniques; promoting organic culture among them and bringing in more foreign exchange whilst enhancing the Sri Lankan identity in the international market by marketing products of superior quality.”

Corporate Objectives


    1. To establish our brand names locally and internationally by timely delivery of high
      quality products
    2. To be a major player in the food industry
    3. To give a helping hand to the farmer community to elevate the standards of our rural
    4. To contribute towards the Government’s effort to increase the export earnings to the
    5. To satisfy global food & beverage importers by timely delivery of high quality
      agricultural produce in fresh, processed or frozen form