Dive into the heart of Sri Lanka’s tropical paradise with Rish coconut oil. Crafted with utmost care, our coconut oil captures the essence of island life in every drop. Employing precise techniques of oil extraction, we meticulously craft both organic and conventional coconut oil varieties, ensuring a pure and authentic product. Prepare to be transported to a realm of pure indulgence, where each experience is infused with the essence of paradise.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Through meticulous precision, we press the fresh coconut meat to extract its precious oil, eschewing chemicals in favour of nature’s bounty. The result? A golden elixir, triple-filtered to perfection, ensuring clarity, purity, and an abundance of nutrients. Additionally, we also offer private labelling services for coconut oil. From the first pressing of fresh coconut meat, we capture the exquisite richness that makes Rish Coconut Oil truly exceptional.

But the allure of Rish coconut oil goes beyond its captivating aroma and silky texture. Within each drop lies a treasure trove of health benefits, from its rich content of lauric acid, renowned for its immune-boosting properties, to its ability to nourish and rejuvenate the body from within. Join us in embracing the art of refined indulgence with Rish coconut oil – where purity, sophistication, and the timeless allure of Sri Lanka’s tropical paradise converge in perfect harmony.

Coconut Oil – Drum 200l 1 80
Coconut Oil – Glass Bottle 200ml 12 4600
Coconut Oil – Glass Bottle 250ml 12 3535
Coconut Oil – Glass Bottle 500ml 12 2250
Coconut Oil – Glass Bottle 917ml 6 2350
Coconut Oil – HDPE Bottle 500ml 12 2250
Coconut Oil – IBC 1 20
Coconut Oil – Jerry Can 20ltrs 1 700
Coconut Oil – Plastic Bottle 1ltr 12 1350