Immerse yourself in the tantalising world of Rish Coconut Flour – a culinary masterpiece born from the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka. Crafted with care, our coconut flour is a symphony of flavour and health, meticulously ground from coconut meat.


Delicate granules of pure, creamy-white flour, each bursting with the essence of tropical paradise, await your baking adventures. Let the intoxicating aroma of coconut transport you to sun-drenched shores and swaying palm trees as you delve into culinary bliss.

While our coconut flour delights the palate, its versatility and health-conscious nature set it apart as a superior choice. Naturally gluten-free and rich in fibre, it nourishes your body while satisfying your cravings. Let your creativity whip-up some culinary wonders that dazzle the senses and delight the palate.

Experience the magic of Sri Lanka in every dish with Rish Coconut Flour – where taste, health, and imagination converge to create moments of pure bliss.



Coconut Flour – Kraft Paper Bag 25kg 1 480
Coconut Flour – Stand Up Pouch 250g 40 900
Coconut Flour – Stand Up Pouch 500g 20 1000
Coconut Flour – Stand Up Pouch 1kg 10 1165